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Philips- 22RF870- Buizenradio, Draaitafel

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The 22RF870 is perhaps the most impressive receiver that Philips has ever build. Made in 1967- 1969 . This was the MOST exspensive radio arround . It costed more then a standard car !!!
This is the holy grale of the tube radio’s !
This chassis, which originally was built in afurniture and under the type number F9X38A , contains a stereo FM tuning unit, a seperate balance endstage with 4xEL86, a reverbeo spring and even a mini-scoopje for the balance setting!( Scoop at the left of the scale ) . I never seen a scope on another radio !!

At the end of years ‘ 60 this was the most expensive combination, with recordplayer and 4 big speakers it was built into a beautiful piece of modern furniture.
The tuner is an old acquaintance, namely the A6X38AT, and has four shortwave bands, MG and LG and of course the FM band to 108 MHz. Remarkable is the giant dial, consisting of three parts.
The conversion of the frequency bands is an electro motor and the chosen band is visible by a light next to the scale.

The 22RF870 has all the possible and impossible functions that one could wish at the time. For example, there is a adjustable echo effect applied (display at the right with a real Hammond reverbeo spring) and also a Visual readout of the balance between the two stereo channels through a small oscilloscope tube.

This is one of the most exspensive and impressive radio’s ever in the world !!
This combination costed more the the average car !!!
If you like to have an ONE time ultra rare radio , then this is your change .

Bands : LG 150 – 400kHz , MG 510 – 1620kHz , KG1 1.6 – 4.7MHz , KG2 4.5 – 10.5MHz , KG3 10 – 20MHz , KG4 19.5 – 30MHz ,FM 87.5 – 108MHz (stereo)
Dimensions :147 x78 x36 cm or 58¨X 31¨x14¨
Tubes:ECC83 (5x) , ECF80( 2x) , EF86(2x) , EL86(4x)
Powersource :110v ,220v
Weight : ?

Now about the condition ;
The very modern wooden cabinet is still in great condition , no damage , except some water stains on the left on top .
This Philips ,is also been checked and works great .
All functions work and receives at all bands .
Also the recordplayer is working fine .
FM works very good and it receives some stations in stereo ( it needs a a long antenna)

Now for transport :
This is not a radio that can’t be send by the post , its to heavy and too big!
You can pick this radio up in Belgium .

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