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Canon 814 XL-S Super 8 camera in Near Mint condition with Canon Zoom Lens C8 7-56 mm 1:1.4 macro

Huidig bod: € 220
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Veiling loopt tot: 2021-01-24 22:41:50
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Fully Tested Canon 814 XL-S Super 8 camera in Near Mint condition with Canon Zoom Lens C8 7-56 mm 1:1.4 macro

I have thoroughly tested the camera and all of its functions work perfectly. Both manual and automatic exposure work perfectly, and although I didn’t actually use the fade function I have checked it and it works properly. The interval timer for time lapse functions (1, 5, 20 & 60 sec.) work like clockwork and allow you to take spectacular shots using very little film. The only function that I have not tested with film is the sound since sound super 8 cartridges have long disappeared.

As with all Canon Super 8 cameras the name refers to the zoom ratio plus the aperture (7-56 = 8x zoom; focal length F:1:1,4, hence 814)
The lens boasts an extremely bright F:1:1,4 and the Macro function allows the user to focus on subjects under 10 centimeters from the lens.
The XL-S part of the name means “Existing light” since its aperture and shutter degree (220/150 variable) makes it one of the few cameras with which one can shoot indoors (obviously only in certain conditions) without additional lighting.

Another special feature this camera has is that unlike other super 8 cameras it starts at full speed (other cameras pick up speed and therefore overexpose the first few frames)

Additional information:

Lens: Canon Zoom C8 7-56mm f1.4 Macro

Zoom: auto / manual with 3 Speeds

Frame rates: 9, 18, 24, 36 + single frame

Exposure: auto / manual / AE lock / “+/-” correction for auto

Shutter degree: 220/150 variable

Viewfinder: Split focus

Sound: yes

Extras: fades / interval timer with 1, 5, 20 & 60 sec. intervals / remote socket / flash contact / macro focusing

Batteries: 6 AA

Year of Production: 1978-83

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Weight: 1900g (4.19 lb.)

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