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€ 159

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12 juni, 21:09

Artwork by Richard Orlinski SOLD OUT Resale Price right now online and in Art Stores is € 600,- to € 800,- This work is larger than usual artworks of Orlinski For Christmas 2023, Richard Orlinski has created a sparkling green Kong, in homage to the fir trees which symbolize life and prosperity with their evergreen foliage. This sculpture with ultra-shiny facets plays with the lights, which embellish it with a multiplicity of shades varying according to the reflections. Richard Orlinski is the best-selling contemporary French artist in the world. The work is 20 cm, it was "sold out" in a few minutes as victim of her success. This bright green Kong is carefully packaged in a matte khaki green box. These 2 finishes subtly complement each other to amplify the effect of surprise when opening the box. The work is new, never exhibited, it will be delivered in its original box with its certificate of authenticity. It will undoubtedly sublimate your house. Richard Orlinski’s monochromatic diamond-cut sculptures of wildlife and cultural icons have earned the artist international acclaim. Inspired by Pop artists Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Robert Indiana, Orlinski uses industrial materials like resin and aluminum to craft highly... lees verder bij Catawiki
Bekijk kavel bij Catawiki

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