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12 juni, 20:02

Elevate your home decor with this exclusive set of two pillows, meticulously hand crafted by Diva Novita. These luxurious pillows are adorned with Louis Vuitton 3D denim fabric in a captivating dark blue hue—a true embodiment of sophistication. The Italian-produced original Louis Vuitton 3D denim fabric ensures an unparalleled level of quality. Notably, the fabric is yarn-dyed, not printed, offering a tactile experience that is both soft and comfortable, making these pillows an exquisite focal point in your living room. The attention to detail extends to the backside of the pillows, where a matching denim fabric, soft to the touch, complements the front design seamlessly. To add a touch of opulence, each pillow is finished with a shiny satin cord, providing a refined and sophisticated look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Make a statement with these Diva Novita creations, where luxury and style converge effortlessly in your living space. We've taken extra care in the production process by pre-washing the fabric to minimize the risk of color transfer onto your lightly colored couch or clothing. While we've made every effort to ensure the highest quality, we want to be transparent that, due to the nature of denim, we cannot... lees verder bij Catawiki
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