Trebuchet balance, Geldwisselaarbalans, om goud te wegen met de goudprijslijst uit de Empire-periode. – Empire – Hout, Messing – 1805

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Empire period Trebuchet changer’s scale for weighing gold and silver.
Metal Trebuchet with two 45 mm diameter brass pans,pile of four fitting together weights and 7 weights in the form of brass slats.
On the lid of the box, there is a printed and glued table entitled “Table des Monnaies d’or et d’argent qui ont cours dans les différents Etats de l’Europe, avec la désignation de leur poids”. (“Table of gold and silver coins that are in use in the different European countries, with the designation of their weight”. This is followed by a list with: louis v. de 48 l.; louis v. de 24 l.; louis n. de 48 l.; louis n. de 24 l.; écu de 6 l. from France; pièce de 5 fr. from France; Guinée from England, Quadrup from Spain etc.”.
Wooden box with compartments without closure.

Very nice condition considering his bicentenary age… Not cleaned with dirt stains and wear. See condition in the detailed pictures.

Very carefully packed, secure, insured and tracked shipment.

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