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Romero Britto (1963) – ABSOLUT VODKA I

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Romero Britto
Title: ” ABSOLUT VODKA I” – hand signed/numbered


94 ร— 112 cm ( In total ;
Edition of 200

Original hand-signed and hand-numbered by Romero Britto
signed / numbered by hand – front by Romero Britto!
excuse me : the flash in photos

this is one of the famous Britto work. And a very early work ( early 1990). Also with a very low edition quantity of only 200 (later on this usually became 300 or 350). This was in the year he really boost his famousness; because of his Absolut Vodka work (original works ) –
Imagine you being a Painter; and to be chosen by Absolut Vodka to make an artwork. Yr really in the Champions League.

and Romero Britto continued working for Absolut Vodka; with his art on the bottle. And again… yr really a fantastic painter , to be able to work for the. And Britto was the only artist who was asked to do a bottle campain again

Pricing in Gallery approx $ 2500 – $3500. the print edition ; Prints are sold out.

I have met Romero Britto at the New York Art expo – for the first time in New York . For me this was the 1st introduction with Romero Britto. Of course I knew popart (as from Warhol and Haring and Lichtenstein). But I never had the experience with the modern popart (like from Britto, burton morris, Rizzi and Fazzino) . Like many Pop artists if they had time – they would make a very nice drawing – in a book or sign a book ( he made me some beautiful drawings ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been buying a lot of Romero Britto from Romero Britto directly ๐Ÿ˜‰ later

The artwork is in a good condition. It has a few mini creases – little dent ; most at the outside (will dissapear when framed)

Romero Britto: the king of pop(art). one of the most famous Popart Artists of his time. HIs work is already in a number of Museums in North/South America. And of course his art already famous : Go to Disney – and you will find almost all of the Disney characters in Britto Design. He has made a lot of business activities: Absolut Vodka, Coca Cola, Clothing Company, many many more

Will ship safe & secure: very well ( flat) packed + insured + express shipment by courier


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