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Richard Orlinski (1966) – Elephant Spirit (Pink Edition)

Huidig bod: € 150
Veilinghuis: Catawiki
Veiling loopt tot: 2023-05-09 16:07:25+00:00
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Richard Orlinski – Elephant Spirit (Pink Edition) SOLD OUT
Very desirable and colleactable Resin Art Figure
Resale Price right now online and in Art Stores is € 500,- to € 800,-

Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition, sold out.

New, unpacked

Resin sculpture in Pink edition, comes with exclusive packaging.

Resin sculpture with the high-gloss, emblematic Orlinski Pink colour, comes with exclusive packaging. Includes original artist-issued COA card.

Solidly planted on its legs, Richard Orlinski’s Elephant embodies strength and stability with its massive body, open ears and proudly erect trunk.

Richard Orlinski’s Born Wild © concept explores the philosophical question about the difference between man and beast. The sculptor has chosen the Kong, the most human of his animals, to embody The Thinker in tribute to Rodin. Unlike the original’s overly muscular build contrasting with a thoughtful stance, the artist has played down the gorilla’s physical strength to focus on its thoughtful side.

Richard Orlinski is an internationally renowned French contemporary artist, born in 1966.

The visual artist revolutionizes preconceived ideas and enjoys exploring different fields: sculpture, design, music, live performance.

Represented in more than 90 galleries in France and abroad, Richard ORLINSKI has been the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world since 2015 (Source: Art Price).

Richard Orlinski is the best-selling French artist in the world. Imbued with pop-culture, the sculptor creates a pop and colorful universe, and very quickly, his bestiary makes the tour of the planet. His animals, often spectacular in size, both proud and conquering, are also symbols of gentleness and freedom

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