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Moderne en hedendaagse kunst

Paulus Noomen (1968) – Somewhere…

Huidig bod: € 150
Veilinghuis: Catawiki
Veiling loopt tot: 2022-12-20 21:01:58
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This unique exclusive panel,Somewhere…,has been made by the Dutch artist Paulus Noomen.
Paulus Noomen graduated at the school of fine Arts(1994)Arnhem
His mixed technique ,is a mixture of painting and carving.
His collection is included at Gallery Younik,Arnhem,the Netherlands.Comparable work has been exhibited at art-toplocations, like Art Basel ,Art Genova,Art Berlin , Art Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam,and theLouvre carousell, Paris.
The Artwork has been framed,and is ready to hang.

in Kunst / Direct van de kunstenaar

Bekijk deze veiling bij Catawiki