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Origineel houtblok print – Mulberry papier – Utagawa Toyokuni I (1769-1825) – Kabuki actor Bandō Mitsugorō III as Gengobei 源五兵衛 – Japan – 1815 (Bunka 12)

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This is an early 19th century print by Utagawa Toyokuni I (1769-1825). It was part of a diptych. The original diptych represents Bandô Mitsugoro III and Onoe Baikô III (Kikugorô III), each actor being represented on a separate sheet.

For the original diptych see Cultural Digital Library: https://prf.hn/click/camref:1101l5d7f/creativeref:1011l35365/destination:https://www2.ntj.jac.go.jp/dglib/collections/view_detail_nishikie?istart=all&iselect=%25E3%2581%2593&did=52&division=collections&class=nishikie&type=title&trace=detail

The print is in the Waseda collection:

Publisher: Eikyudô
Publication date: kiwame seal; 1815 (Waseda)

This is a nice tea-themed actor print depicting Onoe Kikugorô III against an interesting background (e.g. parasol, dangling ivory).

Condition: Some toning and foxing. Print is backed, but bleedthrough is nevertheless still visible. Color palette appears to be original if a bit faded, though quite distinct from the print on view in the Waseda collection. Nice size and format – little to no trimming. Please consult the pictures carefully.

Shipment: Print is shipped between sturdy pieces of cardboard. Track and Trace and additional coverage (if bidding price permits).

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