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Museo Rosenbach – Zarathustra – LP Album – 1ste persing – 1973/1973

Huidig bod: € 700
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According to progarchives, “Zarathustra” (about Nietzsche’s superman) by Museo Rosenbach is still considered as one of the masterpieces in the world of progrock.

The album starts with the magnificent titletrack in five parts, in total almost 21 minutes. The foundation is a beautiful theme that returns in different climates (from dreamy to heavy and bombastic) and with different colouring of the instruments. The interplay between the electric guitar, keyboards (Hammond organ, synthesizer and piano), rhythm-section (propulsive and perfectly timed drumming) and strong and expressive Italian vocals is very captivating.

It all creates a constant tension, topped by majestic eruptions of the Mellotron. The omni-presence of this instrument gives the titletrack the same thrilling impact as it does on the early albums from King Crimson and Genesis. The other three (shorter) tracks sound flowing and powerful with a lot of Hammond organ and guitarplay with echoes from Steve Hackett.

The album is not only essential, it is also one of the most sought after “collector items” – please check discogs.

A few more words on the condition. The beautiful gatefold cover is in near mint condition, the minimal wear is hardly worth mentioning.
The vinyl then: side 1 has a visible scratch (see photo), however one that hardly affects the play. The vinyl – both sides – play perfectly with only some minor crackle in the run in / run out grooves and very quiet parts. Overall, the sound is warm and highly dynamic.
Matrix run outs S-6113-1 15/5/73 resp. S-6113-2 15/5/73


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Bekijk deze veiling bij Catawiki