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Moderne en hedendaagse kunst

Masaki Kazushi (1963) – Quadrivium 419

Huidig bod: € 130
Veilinghuis: Catawiki
Veiling loopt tot: 2022-11-29 21:02:30
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Zos Kia gallery is a Belgian art gallery with a strong focus on contemporary art.
The gallery is dedicated to break the stigma of unique art being exorbitant.

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This canvas piece is on 300gr.

“A beautiful, unique and timeless asset for your interior only found on Catawiki.”

Masaki Kazushi was born in Osaka Japan, started painting at age 7 and continued through high school. 

He was an abstract expressionist early on chastised by his elementary teachers for his dreamy non-realist work.

In his late career, Kazushi began working from his memory and intuition rather than from direct observation. 

He used more intuitive touches of paint, and began to producenumerous abstract landscapes, formations and subconsciously generated scripture.
His works has dimensional structures with a sense of tribalism and archaic notions.


Lockdown Sessions – October 2020
Studio Aesse Antwerp

ENTER 33December – 2020
Studio Aesse Antwerp

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Bekijk deze veiling bij Catawiki