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Japans zwaard (1) – Staal – Tenryushi hisakazu – A great Japanese Samurai sword made by Tenryushi hisakazu for the Samurai “Syusai kato” in the year – Japan – 1865

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A great original Japanese Samurai sword.

Tenryushi hisakazu is the swordsmith from the late Edo period.

His real name is Tachibana Heizaemon.
He was born in Echigo Katagai.(Now is Nigata prefecture, Ojiya city) And he is a disciple of Ozaki.
Also he lived in Edo and Ise Yamada.
(Edo is Tokyo in now. Ise is Mie prefecture,Ise city in now.
Ise has Ise Grand Shrine) this sword is made just after he moved from Edo to Ise Yamada.
This sword made at first year of Keio(1865).
keio is Japanese era name of the Edo period last and period of Shinsengumi successful in Kyoto.
Also, this is just before last civil war of Japan,
so all Samurai of the whole country are keenly aware of it and are time on end of the peaceful Edoful Edo.
He worked for the Ise Yamada magistrate’s office.
He had Kyuichi make a sword for the actual fighting.
Because for the troubled times, he had Hisakazu make a sword for the actual fighting.
Actual fighting sword are features below.
Long nakago so good balance and two mekugi hole.
Just feel the soul of the last samurai in the Edo era from this sword
The samurai who ordered this sword is Syusai kato.
Blade length is 71.8 cm the sori is 1.5 cm the weight is 875 gr.
(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token paper)

core print: Shine areas of Motodo bullion plating.
Tsuba: Watermark of iron chrysanthemum.
The figure of a red copper ground piece Samurai and Nairyu Menuki : The figure of a red copper cloth bag.
Pattern: The shark is a roll shark with a parent grain, and the pattern is a silk-gold-brown various picking roll.
Sheath: Red-red gold-red saya.
Shirasaya included .

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