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Hermione Sheng (1995) – Abstract #81

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Entirely handmade, this is not a print.

The artwork is made with acrylic on paper and then fix on cardboard. It is a work of great finesse and a demonstration of technique from the artist. We can observe some patterns that are created with a cutter or Sometimes a vinyl shape is fix on the painting.
Gallery Price: Between 5 000 and 15 000 euros according to the dimension and for small size between 900 and 2000 euros.
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Hermione Sheng is an artist born in Shenzhenin 1995.
She graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree and after several successful exhibitions in China, she moved to London and then to France.
She is represented by European and Asian galleries.
Hermione Sheng was influenced by the Art & Craft movement and became interested in the counter-cultures that emerged in the West in the 1960s.

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Bekijk deze veiling bij Catawiki