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Galien, Claude – Claudii Galeni Pergameni liber de plenitudine – 1528

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Claudii Galeni Pergameni liber de plenitudine. Polybus de salubri victus ratione privatorum. Guinterio Joanne Andernaco interprete. Apuleius Platonicus de herbarum virtutibus. Antonii Benivenii libellus de abditis nonnullis ac mirandis morborum & sanitationum causis. Prostant in vico jacobaeo, apud Christiana wechel, sub scuto Basileiensi. 1528.

Later vellum antiphonary. Faded owners inscription on title page. Few contemporary marginal annotations.
Antonii Benivenii Libellus de Abditis (last chapter) missing: 21 folio leaves, 42 pages. Nonetheless a very rare and valuable work in exceptional condition. 2+84+2pp. (42 leaves).

This work is attributed to the ancient Greek physician Galen, known for his contributions to medicine.
De herbarum virtutibus by Apuleius Platonicus contains virtues or properties of herbs. It includes information on herbal medicine and the use of plants for healing. Antonius Benivenius authored a work on hidden and remarkable causes of diseases and sanitation. Overall, this book is a compilation of medical and health-related texts from different authors, including works on ancient and medieval medicine, dietetics, and herbal remedies. It provides insights into the state of medical knowledge and practices during the Renaissance period.

Claude Galien was an ancient Greek physician who practiced in Pergamon and Rome, where he treated several emperors. A prolific author, he remains a figure in history who managed to combine speculative power with a passionate pursuit of medical realities. By relying on both reason (logos) and experience (empeiria), which he called his “two legs,” he endeavored throughout his life to construct a comprehensive explanatory system that brought together the aspects of the medical art. He is thus considered the last of the great creative physicians of Greco-Roman antiquity and, along with Hippocrates, one of the founders of the fundamental principles on which Western medicine is based. He prioritized anatomical observation and sought to establish hypotheses about physiological processes through experiments on animals. Galen’s medical theory dominated medicine until the 18th century.

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