Brilliant Bicycle – velo de course – Racefiets – 1910

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cycles Brilliant

Amazingly originalrace bicycle from the early 1910s.

this is a well know brand between collectors,
you can see 2 earlier models from the same brand pictured on the posters
(2 pictures are online pictures and not included)

bike specs :

+ original all steel handlebar with puch brake
+ sportive geometry and very narrow tire clearance
+closed fork ends
+flip flop rearhub unbranded and fronthub branded Brilliant
+700A** rims ( ISO642 mm) rims are a matching set
+60cm center-top frame height

-original spokes, they are good for the smaller tours but for longer rides and retro races I would recommend lacing new ones.

-no rear brake. in those days bikes were often sold with just one brake and a second was optional, nowadays we prefer 2 brakes.

700A wheels were often used in the early days since the bigger wheelsize rolls better over rough terrain and potholes in the streets

safe and very well packaged shipping.
Location: Bissegem, Belgium.

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