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Benedicte & Stéphane Tissot – Jura – 3 Fles (0,75 liter)

Huidig bod: € 83
Veilinghuis: Catawiki
Veiling loopt tot: 2023-03-23 22:09:40+00:00
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En Barberon is managed organically (Ecocert certified) and biodynamically (Demeter certified). The vines are cultivated without any inputs (no weedkillers, chemical fertilisers, etc.). Treatment of possible vine diseases with sulphur, copper and herbal teas.
The vines are completely grassed over.
In the cellar.

Savagnin are barrels of Savagnin are not topped up, so they become lightly and deliberately oxidised, though the wine is saved from spoilage by the formation of a film of yeast known as ‘flor’ on top of the wine, as also happens with fino sherry. Unusual but exciting wine.

Les Bruyeres is a warm, south-facing site within the Arbois AOC that has a vein of blue marl running throughout. It produces big, powerful Chardonnays held firmly in place by ringing acidity and a dashing mineral line.

in Wijn en whisky / Premium wijn

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