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Aldo Rossi – Alessi – Pan – ”La Cubica”

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Veiling loopt tot: 2022-10-08 20:02:15
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”La Cubica” is Aldo’s homage to the motto ‘Form Follows Function’. With the funny statement that it is the ideal tool for cooking cubic tomatoes.

Aldo Rossi’s fascination with the expressive power of geometric solids has been a cornerstone of his work. ”La cubica” is an extraordinary example of this: a simple volume that is dropped into a foreign sphere, that of cooking utensils. Realized in 1991, only a few hundred examples of ”La Cubica” were produced till 2000 because of the great technical difficulties and high industrial cost. The offered ‘’La Cubica’’ pot was reissued as a special edition in 2021 to celebrate 100 year Alessi. A true collectors item!

This pot with its unexpected form so different to that of a traditional one is actually less unconventional than might appear. Between 1987 and 1989, Aldo Rossi, worked on the design of a hotel complex and restaurant in Fukuoka Japan, called‘Il Palazzo’ this experience brought him into contact with the country’s gastronomic culture where the utensils used for cooking frequently make use of rectangular or square sections. Nevertheless, ‘’La Cubica’’ became an Italian design classic that is considered as a symbol of transgression.

Alberto Alessi stated the following when talking about ‘’La Cubica’’:
‘’Rules are needed, of course! But accepting a system of rules tamely also runs the risk of creating a static view of the world, and in the case of industry at least this can become a major brake on development. Acceptance of the risk linked to the transgression of existing rules is a constant in Italian design. I believe that a light-handed touch of transgression in the rules governing technical design, marketing or aesthetics be desirable to ensure true product innovation, as all the best examples of Italian design.’’

This ‘’La Cubica’’ pan is in a new and unused condition. Delivered with original packaging and documentation.

Capacity: 240.00 cl
Dimension: 21,5 cm

Suitable for induction cooking

About Aldo Rossi:
Aldo Rossi, born in Milan (1931-1997), is considered to be one of the greatest Italian architects of the second half of the 20th century. His design style was one of abstraction and reduction, his language of primary shapes, geometrical patterns, evoking silence, created one of the most intense, poetic works in architecture and design of his age. ‘

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