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A very rare 18th/19th century Yixing archaic zun 樽 shaped vase with applied rams heads on a rose wood stand, glazed with a imitation of Jun ware, which is called Yijun ware 仿钧釉. The thick lustrous glaze displays a range of colors, from sea-green to deep blue color stopping right at the unglazed Yixing clay footrim/base. Stamped at the bottom with 葛明祥制 (Made by Ge Mingxiang) Ge Mingxiang (1736–1795) was a Chinese potter from Dingshan, Yixing, active during the Qianlong period. He and his brother, Ge Yuanxiang, created works classified as Yixing ware. The brothers also produced Yijun ware, which imitated Jun glaze and featured mottled blue and green glazes, often called "robin's egg glaze" in the West. Their pieces frequently took on egg-shaped or Meiping baluster forms, as well as designs inspired by ancient bronze artifacts. PROVENANCE: From a private Dutch estate. REFERENCE: The work of both brothers is held by several institutions, including: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Accession no.1904-629 Victoria and Albert Museum, Accession no. 810-1883 Art Gallery of New South Wales, Accession no. EC4.1966 British Museum, Accession no. 1938,0524.76 For a more Archaic forms see Beijing Poly Auctions: Also see items... lees verder bij Catawiki
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