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14 juli, 22:12

Offered for auction is a truly unique D-Day artefact: it is a 1946-published Point du Hoc (and other small unit (ranger) actions) official Army Combat Report. It includes many maps, see attached photo's. This is one of the most extensive reports (210 pages, a large fold-out map, etc) published about the actions at Point du Hoc so shortly after the invasion, and would be an excellent addition to your US WW2 / historic collection. This large size soft cover book is about four significant US combat actions of World War II, France: 2nd Ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoc, Saipan: 27th Division on Tanapag Plain, Italy: 351st Infantry (88th Division) at Santa Maria Infante, France: 4th Armored Division at Singling. It was published by the Historical Division of the War Department in 1946. Each action is described in detail and lined with many photos and maps. It is without a doubt the best documented book available. 212 pages plus a fold out map in the back. A must have for the WWII history buff or anyone with a specific interest in a particular action. See photo's, as they are part of the description. Point du Hoc During World War II... lees verder bij Catawiki
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