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€ 45

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21 november, 22:49

This unique vase with model name "FERNANDO" was designed by Charles Graffart in 1958 for Val Saint Lambert in Belgium. Made in the very sought after PRUNE colour, the intriguing design has a raised band with 12 round "windows" set between two twelve-panel bands. The diamond-cut design at the top is delicately decorated with prune half-diamonds. Looking through the round windows, gives a surprisingly clever optical effect. Val Saint Lambert products have a lead content of 33-40% instead of the 24% legally required. This extra lead content gives the product a gorgeous brilliance and clarity. The vase stands 22cm. high. Diameter at the top is 17.5cm. and the foot is 12.0cm. Condition is near MINT with only some scratching on the base due to movement. Charles Graffart was a Master Craftsman in his trade. This elegant hand-made vase is a masterpiece from his hand. The vase is signed on the base "Val St. Lambert" and PU for unique piece. This vintage vase is a one-off and therefore A RARE FIND INDEED! A quality item for a glass or crystal collection. Careful packaging will ensure a safe delivery.
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