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24 maart, 22:02

In the early stages of aluminium production, factories cast molten aluminium into massive blocks weighing in at over 26 tonnes. These blocks are clad with undulating, organic textures that are a result of the casting process. In the preparation of the blocks to be sent to other factories, the sides are cut off, leaving behind thin rough, waste plates–known as “crusts”. These crusts to create the first of an ongoing series of interior objects –a mirror, a shelf, and a table– that reflect the unexpectedly raw backstory to an everyday material. The edges are jagged and roughly cut, resulting in rugged forms that seem to have been themselves byproducts of some industrial mechanisms, contrasted by a polished finish. The backside of the plates still show traces of the giant saws of the factories from which they were cut. The mirrors, shelf and tables are especially designed for Transnatural. This concerns a presentation model, reason we can provide it to the Catawiki community for less. It's in perfect condition.
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