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€ 150

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12 juli, 23:37

Tivoli Audio - Music System BT - All-in-one HiFi system - piano / Black r r In very good condition Music System . Everything works properly. There is remote controls with cable for 220 mains plus antenna cable book Manuel in Dutch. r Looks good see pictures are part of description. Paintwork slightly damaged hairline see pictures difficult to see but they are there . r Can be tested here and explanation and you can see it works .r Can be shipped come in special box for no damage due to transport ,r scale lighting is clear to see . Looks neat , r data : r r r r A unique blend of style and soundr Tivoli Audio was born in Boston in 2000 with just one radio. Today, we share our passion for music and design around the world. Our products are created to bring harmony between quality audio and design, with the belief that both are equally important and neither should be sacrificed for the other. Tivoli Audio products are perfected to deliver beautiful music.r Carefully crafted designs and high-quality materials create our sound and vision. Every product is produced with care, from the handcrafted wooden cabinets... lees verder bij Catawiki
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