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The 12.8 Flak 40 was a heavy anti aircraft gun in service with the Luftwaffe during Second World War. It was developed by Rheinmetall Borsig during 1937 and due to its weight it was employed only in fixed placements or railways. The twin mount derivation was mainly intended for the Flak Towers, and used also to protect docks like Hamburg. It consisted on two mirrored guns side by side, and were installed on the corners of the tower. It delivered an impressive firepower that certainly threatened Allied bombers, as each individual gun was able to fire up to 10 12.8cm shell per minute. Considering that each cartridge weighted 45 kg, it is normal that the system required a crew of 22 men to be operated. At the end of the war, there were still 34 active guns Ophalen heeft de voorkeur kan verstuurd worden zal ook verzekerd verstuurd worden ivm kwetsbaar heid zal goed verpakt worden
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