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15 juni, 22:01

I bought these earrings for one occasion (wedding diner) These asymmetric earrings are made of gilded brass. Embellished with crystals and pearl bijoux, they are composed of a pierced Nose, a snail shell and Surrealist Lips on one side and a Surrealist Ear, a pierced Nipple and a Tooth bijou on the other. They close in the back with a clip and stem. MORE INFORMATION Elsa Schiaparelli’s design practice explored surrealist interpretations of the human body which are portrayed today through the Maisons’ Anatomy icons. Eyes, Ears, Lips, Hands and even the Nose were personified in various ways. In fact, the subject of the human body was particularly relevant in the art of the Parisian surrealist avant-garde of the 1930s
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