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Ancient Greek, Apulian Lekanis Circa second half of the 4th century BC This beautiful lekanis features a shallow bowl elevated on a foot and a distinctive cover lid with a disc-like knob serving as well as a handle. The lid is adorned with two profile female heads set between large palmettes, each lady adorned with a sakkos-bound hairstyle, beaded necklace, and earrings. The knobbed finial is embellished with a rosette to its central recession. A lekanis, in ancient Greek pottery, is a shallow, lidded dish primarily used for holding offerings or for personal grooming. Originating in the 4th century BC, the lekanis typically served practical and ritualistic functions, often associated with the feminine sphere. Cf. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession Number: 2021.40.31a, b. Dimensions: 100mm x 95mm; weight 185g Provenance: Private UK Ancient Art Collection formerly acquired on the UK, European, and USA Art Markets from pre-2000 Collections. Disclaimer: NO SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. All items will be shipped from Belgium. The seller guarantees and can prove that the object was obtained legally. The seller was informed by Catawiki that they had to provide the documentation required by the laws and regulations in their country of residence.... lees verder bij Catawiki
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