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€ 295

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13 juli, 23:36

This model 4022 is equipped with an option. The wood case was in 1975 a extensive option. So a clear added value, especially with this quality paint system.r The beautiful Marantz has undergone quite a metamorphosis. He was just like everyone else. But after many hours of work, the end result is amazing. You rarely see them like this! This Marantz is refurbished, cleaned inside and outside with an innovative cleaning system. And many components have been replaced where necessary.r r But after the painting we started to see that there was an absolute winner Optically and technically it is in excellent condition!r r We are from J&R audio. Two 'hobbyists' who have been collecting and repairing 'older' audio for many years. Hobby that got a bit out of hand. With about 800 items, we think it's time to reduce the collection. Many products can be sold for a reasonable price. And this despite our professional way of working. Service has been provided on all our products, mostly by ourselves but also by our extensive network of many professionals with whom we have enjoyed working forqq.. years.Components that needed to be replaced have been replaced, strings in most cases renewed,... lees verder bij Catawiki
Bekijk kavel bij Catawiki

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