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€ 340

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16 juli, 23:01

A very rare and cool Classic Space LEGO set. State of the LEGO pieces: 8/10 State of Minifigures: 9/10 State of instruction manual: 10/10 State of the box: 9/10 The set is 100% complete. 100% Guaranteed. Only the "Backboard" is missing. That's purely a decorative piece of cardboard that originally came in the box. Missing anything anyway? Please contact me and you will get a refund for the missing pieces. The 6991-1 - Monorail Transport Base is an EXTREMELY rare collectors item. In 1994 LEGO introduced this 2nd monorail set in the Vintage Space collection theme. This monorail, together with the 6990-1 - Futuron Monorail Transport System set are iconic pieces from that era, and EXTREMELY rare collectors items. (Especially with the box like this lot). The system used in this monorail is unique and was never again produced in any other LEGO-set ever. The reason LEGO collectors go crazy over this specific set is that it provides a way for the train to go up and down using the rails. This means it can hover over your LEGO city on the track on stilts. All in all a great addition to any LEGO collection. * Please always advise the... lees verder bij Catawiki
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