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€ 36

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12 juni, 16:10

HAND PAINTED ! This work is not a print . This artist is represented in galleries, and sold throughout the world. WHEN BID EXCEED 800 EUROS FOR A PAINTING BY THE ARTIST LACRYMAL IT WILL BE SENT TO YOU ON A WOODEN FRAME DIRECTLY TO PUT ON YOUR WALL. NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COSTS. Less than 800 euros, the painting will be sent rolled up. The new series of paintings titled "urban pop" is made by the artist Lacrymal. It mixes street art motifs with a touch of pictorial pop art which is very interesting. He comes from the street art, an urban practice with the use of the spray in outside which gave place to forms and motives never seen before in the history of the art. In this series he has thought about a pictorial approach that mixes one of the most important currents of the twentieth century, namely pop art and street art. Acrylic painting on canvas, the work is meticulously made. The collector will have to stretch it on a frame. Whether for an investment project or to decorate an interior, this work will delight collectors. The work will be shipped in rolls, carefully packed and insured.... lees verder bij Catawiki
Bekijk kavel bij Catawiki

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