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20 januari, 22:50

Set of 2 unique, fine Coptic processional cross from Ethiopia, silverplated. These rare crosses belong to the group of processional crosses which accompanies each procession of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. They have a hollow shaft for mounting on a wooden handle, so that they can be carried above the heads of people in processions and religous ceremonies. The Crosses are handcraftet by the lost-wax method, so that they are unique. Some crosses can be traced back to specific churches due to their shape and design. These authentic, fine crosses with minor signs of use, probably could be traced back to the Lalibela Emmanuel church and Aksum (unknown church). Provenance leads to a local tradesman in Ethiopia. Measurements: 22,5 x 11 x 3,3 cm and 18 x 9,3 x 2,5 cm Material: aloy of silver and nickel. Silverplated. These crosses have a steady construction. The bottom is not entirely flat so they are a little bit wobbly and a bit crooked, but stand on their own. Will be send with tracking code.
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