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€ 220

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17 juni, 22:04

A lovely Chinese porcelain saucer with a central decoration of the dragon and the carp rising up from waves, the dragon is catching the flaming pearl. Executed in a charming underglaze blue. In the border a classical decoration of repetitive panels with different fishes amidst florals and six flaming pearls. On the backside water plants with ribbons and marked with the full 6 character Chenghua mark (Ming emperor) in double circles. Handcrafted in ancient China during the Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, ca. 1690. Condition: This object is in good condition with some small mouse bites and a faint hairline, without any restorations! The condition is carefully checked with strong UV-light and bright translucent white light. Diameter: 16,0 centimeter. Shipping method: The item is securely packed and shipped with insurance, without stand. Buy multiple items from this seller and save on shipping costs, for multiple items you’ll pay the shipping costs only once!
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