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11 juli, 22:05

Our Lady of Kazan. Tempera on wood and metal oklad Russia, first half 20th Century. This exquisite 19th century Russian Orthodox icon depicts the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus. Known as the "Mother of God of Kazan," this icon is revered for its miraculous attributes and deep spiritual significance in the Orthodox Christian tradition. The figures are beautifully painted on wood and adorned with a metal riza (cover), which is intricately detailed with floral and geometric patterns. The Virgin Mary is depicted with a tender and compassionate expression, holding the Christ Child who blesses with his right hand while holding a scroll in his left. The iconography and style of this piece reflect the traditional Russian Orthodox art, characterized by its rich colors, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of gold leaf to highlight the holy figures. The riza, typically made of metal such as silver or brass, was used to protect the painted surface while adding a layer of opulence and reverence. This icon not only serves as a piece of devotional art but also as a historical artifact, representing the rich cultural and religious heritage of 19th century Russia. Measurements 22 cm x 17 cm Condition... lees verder bij Catawiki
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