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6 april, 22:44

From 1909 until the 1970s, Habitation Saint-Etienne was owned by the Simonnet family who distilled this Grande Réserve in 1960: the beginning of its history thus precedes the purchase of the distillery in the 1990s by Yves and José Hayot -current owners of HSE- who inherit this vintage at the same time as the walls. At the end of this wonderful discovery, HSE then began two essential actions to preserve all the superb quality of this vintage: - The first consists of certifying this 1960 vintage of AOC Martinique, an appellation successfully obtained by the brand, despite very heavy specifications. - The second consists of re-oxygenating this formerly bottled vintage so that it once again expresses all the richness of its original perfumes. Thus, each of the 1960 HSE vintages was again left to rest for approximately six years before being bottled a second time. This 1960 vintage therefore experienced two aging phases: the first extending from 1960 until the 1980s, the second taking place at the end of the 90s. Characteristics of this Vintage HSE 1960: - Level: perfect - Cork and sealed: perfect condition - Label: good condition
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