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€ 2450

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7 april, 21:25

Guy Van den Bulcker De Kat r Oil on Canvasr 102 x 129 cm r 1956r Perfect conditionr signed on the framer r In his long career as a painter, but foremost in the past four decades, Guy Van den Bulcke has been searching not only for the essence of humankind, represented in many paintings, but also for the sublime in nature. The Irish philosopher and politician Edmund Burke (1729-1797) defined the “sublime” as an experience of intense emotions which can be aroused by ultimate beauty, but also by threat and danger (A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful-1756). Guy Van den Bulcke was eager to experience sublime sensations by exploring nature and meeting people through world-wide journeys. In his paintings he intensively studies the elements earth, air and water in confrontation with humankind. Women and the elementary forces of nature dominate a considerable part of his paintings, underpinning his efforts to turn them into a personally felt, sublime experience. He is a painter with a personal style, subjecting nature to his own laws and rules. To look for a greater truth than the one which offers itself at first sight, to provide... lees verder bij Catawiki
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