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€ 50

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15 juni, 22:25

A nice high quality Kangxi period blue and white small porcelain plate. The cavetto is decorated with the 'Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols' (bajixiang 八吉祥). The Eight Buddhist Emblems consist of the wheel, the conch, the canopy, the umbrella, the lotus flower, the vase, the fish, and the knot. The central scene painted with a contemplating lady seated at a table on a fenced terrace. Next to the terrace there is hollow rock which is over hung by a branch from a prunus tree. The backside is marked with a six character apocryphal Chenghua mark. Dimensions: W 15,8 x H 2,5 cm Condition: In good condition with four small rim chips and two faint hairlines. Checked with strong UV light for defects. Shipping method: The item is securely packed and shipped with insurance without stand or miniature teapot.
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