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A beautiful blush pink crystal cluster composed of a myriad of crystal points that come out of the matrix from every direction, creating fabulous plays of light. A blush pink crystal cluster refers to a cluster of crystals that are predominantly pink in color, specifically in a soft, delicate shade often referred to as "blush pink." Crystals come in a wide variety of colors, and pink crystals are particularly sought after for their soothing and gentle energy. Mounted on a custom-made black steel base with steel support, it presents itself as an extremely elegant item that can be displayed in any corner of the house or office. Approximate Dimension - including stand Height: 13 cm Width: 7 cm > THE WEIGHT MENTIONED IS INCLUDING STAND AND PACKING MATERIAL. THE SHIPPING -The item will be sent with a Track & Trace code via DHL Parcel, DPD or postNl. The tracking will be updated in your Catawiki lot once your parcel has been dropped off. - Please check regularly to avoid your parcel being returned to us, in which case the buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs of the 2nd shipment. - For tracking to Spain and Portugal please use... lees verder bij Catawiki
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