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17 mei, 21:16

In this work one sees the elderly, ensconced within watery depths, surrounded by the ethereal embrace of aquatic flora. It is a scene suffused with melancholy, a poignant portrayal of the fragility of both human existence and the world we inhabit. The water, symbolizing the ever-flowing river of time, envelops them, sometimes gently cradling their weary forms, and at others, submerging them completely, as if to remind us of the inevitability of our own mortality. And yet, amidst this somber tableau, there exists a subtle interplay of light and life, a glimmer of hope amidst the encroaching darkness. These submerged scenes, reminiscent of another world, evoke a sense of dislocation, as if the subjects exist in a liminal space between past and present, memory and oblivion. It is a haunting reflection of the human condition, touching upon themes of aging, dementia, and the profound sadness that often accompanies the passage of time. In creating these pieces, I confront my own fears and anxieties about aging, about the world we inhabit, and about the inexorable march of time. But in doing so, I also find solace and a renewed appreciation for the fragile beauty of existence. For even amidst the darkest... lees verder bij Catawiki
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