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€ 110

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24 november, 22:46

ELBRUS HOROLOGY - The Voyager - Not Your Ordinary Winder! A combination of classic watchmaking and modern design. Combining the motion of a Tourbillon with the functionality of a winder. The Voyager Gyro Winder is unique in style and is a real spectacle for the eye. The gyrowinder is created to perfectly imitate the motion of a Tourbillon, one of the most important inventions in watchmaking history. We bring you a high-technology watch winder that will keep your watch wound and displayed in an elegant fashion. It eliminates the time-consuming process of setting the time of your automatic watch. No details are left to chance. Finished to perfection, the polished rings made from stainless steel or (rose) gold plated, create a spectacular light show during its gyroscopic motion pattern. There are 3 different modes that can be used, switchable with the turnable button: - 2 minutes clockwise turning, 8 minute stop, loop - 2 minutes counterclockwise turning, 8 minute stop, loop - 1 minute clockwise, 1 minute counterclockwise turning, 8 minute stop, loop Product info: - Measurements: 12 x 18 cm - Material: Black sandblasted stainless steel base. High-grade 904L steel polished rings. The Gold and Rose Gold versions are... lees verder bij Catawiki
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