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The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds New York Mets Major League Vinyl LP. Major League Baseball Team Vinyl Album. Release Limited Edition exclusive Hackney Diamonds. Collectors’s Edition Vinyl in BASEBALL WHITE. Rolling Stones Records–5840131 Polydor,Geffen Records–5840131t Viny lLP Album Limited Edition White Vinyl150 New York Mets USA Released 20 October 2023. New Sealed! Available exclusively for the new Rolling Stones Album and their historical legacy with Major League Baseball to celebrate in the United States. Issued in a custom-made cover and inner sleeve of the MLB NY Mets team. Tracklist: 1. Angry 2. Get Close 3. Depending On You 4. Bite My Head Off 5. Whole Wide World 6. Dreamy Skies 7. Mess It Up 8. Live By The Sword 9. Driving Me Too Hard 10. Tell Me Straight 11. Sweet Sounds of Heaven 12. Rolling Stone Blues
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