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€ 270

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16 juni, 21:05

A unique piece by the artist Dam Domido : In the dazzling effervescence of "Pop art in yellow and blue", each brushstroke is an explosion of life, a frenzied dance of colors and movements that captivates the eye and awakens the soul. Bright hues of yellow and blue mingle in a bold symphony, evoking the vibrant energy of the pop-art years. Every touch, every splash, seems to be an invitation to dive into a world of fantasy and spontaneity, where creativity is king and rules are made to be broken. Hanging on your walls, this work would become a ray of sunshine in your daily life, a constant source of joy and inspiration. It would illuminate your space with its contagious vivacity, inviting you to embrace life with a light heart and a mind open to the infinite possibilities available to you. The total dimensions of the canvas are approximately 150 x 105 cm. It is made to be stretched on a wooden frame measuring 140 x 95 cm (not provided). The entire surface of the canvas is painted. The painting will be shipped around a tube, without the stretcher frame. Every painting contains only top quality materials. Varnish coat... lees verder bij Catawiki
Bekijk kavel bij Catawiki

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