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9 april, 23:18

A sandstone horse bead talisman from the ancient Sino-Mongolian or Sino-Siberian culture. 1st millennium BC . In good condition. It has been cleaned by hand, but the nice patina is preserved. Original, ancient, hand cutting, carving, boring and grinding . The holes are ancient, hand-made, irregular. Traces of use and age on its surface. Purchased in 1994/Budapest by Dr. Zelnik from the collection of a former ambassador in Mongolia,H.E.B.I. Important information : The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot. Due to the complicated Cultural Laws we will not be able to ship this item outside of the EU nor to the United States. Provenance : This item comes from the collection of Dr. István Zelnik, resulting from more than 50 years of collecting. Former diplomat, Asian Art collector, Researcher. Publications : More than 20 essays on Southeast Asian politics and economy. Co-author of 10 albums and books on Southeast Asian Art.
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