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Chapman Cap10 solid body electric guitar The Chapman ML1 CAP-10 is the first Chapman signature guitar to hit the Chapman range. The CAP-10 is a modified version of the popular ML1, based on the Captain's White Fender Strat. Check out the Gator Deluxe ABS Case in our related items, it snugly fits all ML-1 Chapman guitars We'll let the Captain tell you in his own words how this guitar came about... "Hello All, It's the Captain here! I've been working with Rob on the Chapman range for nearly 3 years now, and we're both over the moon at the guitars we're building in Korea. We really are making professional affordable guitars that defy the price tag they come with. One day whilst noodling on an ML1 Rob suggested I make a version of the ML1 to my own spec rather than follow the usual collaborative design process. I wasn't sure that anyone would be that interested in a guitar that I designed/play, but I have had a few requests for more info on the modified Fender Strat that I use in a lot of videos, so I started thinking about how I could merge a Standard ML1 & my old... lees verder bij Catawiki
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