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€ 350

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18 mei, 22:50

Two extremely rare Jeroboam bottles from Boerenerf 1x Boerenerf Cuvee Heritage / 300 cl / 6,67% ABV 1x Boerenerf Charent’euse / 300 cl / 7,68% ABV The 75 cl Bottle is for size reference ONLY and therefor NOT part of this sale!!! Only people who ordered a bottle month's in advance were able to buy the Jeroboam Cuvee Heritage. Number of bottles made was limited to the ordered amount. The Charent’euse Jeroboam was available for sale at the brewery at Tour de Geuze. Since the bottles aren't numbered i asked a brewery employee how many bottles of each were made. For the Cuvee Heritage he couldn't give an exact number. ‘I guess the number will be somewhere around a hundred bottles’ hé Saïd. For the Charent'euse he did give a specific number... 22!!! Bottles are finished with a thick layer of red wax for improved aging.
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