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14 juni, 22:58

Let's all reflect for a moment on the iMac G4’s 20th anniversary. // THE GREATEST MAC EVER MADE – 20 YEARS LATER 2002 – Twenty Years ago, Apple introduced the iMac G4*, and the company again turned the market on its head. And in doing so, it created the greatest Mac it has ever made. The design was truly unique – and Apple got the ergonomics right! The best part of the iMac’s design was the "cantilevered metal arm" that held the LCD**. Last-but-not-least: the Tournesol launched the digital hub. * The iMac G4 is also know as the "Tournesol", "Sunflower" or "iLamp". ** the Tournesol was the first desktop Mac to use a flat-panel LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display). To this day, the iMac G4 stands out in a mundane world of desktop computers—current Macs included (even Apple’s designs nowadays are relatively "safe" compared to the iMac G4). The iLamp was quirky, fun, and functional, but more importantly, the design proved that Apple’s success with the original iMac wasn’t a fluke. // TAKE A CHANCE ON ME! Fellow Macintosh Apple enthusiast … This is your chance! You can supplement your collection with the most loved and recognizable iMac model. Behold the... lees verder bij Catawiki
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