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>> FORWORD Please don't make any assumptions, but READ the (full) accompanying text – and look at the (all) photos "very carefully" to avoid disappointments. Off we go! I've got a black magic woman She's trying to make a devil outta me – Santana The true Macintosh Apple enthusiast can supplement his collection with a legendary collector's item: the Apple iMac G3/700 MHz DV (Summer 2001). That's "more then 23 years ago"! So you are bidding on a TIME machine. The color is GRAPHITE (the coolest modernistic iMac ever made!) The Apple iMac G3 DV was offered in the special colors "Graphite" and "Snow". Steve Jobs presented the DV series* on the "Apple Special Event 1999". This is the last & fastest version of the iMac G3 … with a 700MHz processor! FYI – DV stands for "Digital Video" (including RGB video out); – SE stands for Special Edition. This bundle includes the original "Apple Pro Keyboard & Mouse"! The first iMac model is widely known as "a milestone". It marks "Steve Jobs" return to Apple and the rescue of "Apple" as a company. "Jonathan Ive" (currently Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple), is credited with the design. The... lees verder bij Catawiki
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