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30 december, 22:58

Cutlery set of 24 pieces composed of six tablespoons, six table forks, six table knives and six coffee spoons. Designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1906, the “Rundes Modell” Cutlery fully respected the design guidelines of the Wiener Werkstätte, of which the designer was one of the founders: functionality and practicality together with the refined processing of the materials. Although some of his contemporaries had doubts over the practicality of this Cutlery, the transversal concavity of the spoon bowl was particularly controversial, these were dispelled by those that actually used them. These included the customers of Cabaret Fledermaus, whose interior design, including the laying of the tables, was overseen by Wiener Werkstätte. After years, in 2000, Alessi finally got the permission to reissued the version of this historic cutlery. The republication was done with the advice of Elisabeth Schmuttermeier, curator of the MAK in Vienna, the museum that houses the archives of the Wiener Werkstätte. Each individual cutlery piece is therefore marked not only with the Alessi logo but also with the logo of the MAK (see picture). With it, this set became the most exclusive cutlery ever produced by Alessi. A look at the most recent designer cutlery shows just... lees verder bij Catawiki
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