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"Ben Ionson his Volpone: or the Foxe" illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley - Leonard Smithers, London- 1898 new edition in limited edition of 1000 copies - 25cmx18cm - condition: very good, in Original blue cloth with elaborate Beardsley design and lettering in gilt on the upper cover and with gilt vignette of "Puck on Pegasus" to the rear cover. Cover design, frontis and six illustrated initials. Some rubbing and wear to boards. Overall, a good copy. Beardsley was commissioned to produce the artwork for a deluxe edition of Volpone in November 1897, with 24 illustrations including a frontis, decorative initials and a front cover design envisaged. However he died on 16 March 1898 having only completed the illustrations included here. This was, however, a project that Beardsley was passionate about, writing "I am making pictures of Ben Jonson's adorable and astonishing Volpone" and "I carry Volpone about with me from dawn to dawn and dream of nothing else". He considered his illustration for "Volpone Adoring His Treasure" (frontis) as "one of the strongest things I have ever done". (Publishers to the Decadents, James Nelson) A wonderful combination of Jonson's comedy of corruption and Beardsley's ability to depict decadence with a light... lees verder bij Catawiki
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