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15 juni, 22:01

Very exclusive and complete Zenne Y Frontera Single Barrel Pack. It was only possible to buy this pack during the open brewdays of 2023 if you had a special ticket. - 1 bottle of Single Barrel Oloroso Lambic 2023 - Blend 66 - 558 bottles For this Single Barrel Zenne Y Frontera, we bottled one barrel of Oloroso Lambic. The cask originated from Gutierrez Colosia, an old family-owned bodega from El Puerto de Santa Maria. While no barrels leave the bodega, Juan Carlos and Carmen were so kind to sell us one of their finest Oloroso barrels. We bottled the lambik that went on this barrel separately. This Zenne y Frontera is the perfect marriage between our both crafts. The weighted average of the lambikken upon bottling is more than 37 months. - 1 bottle of Oloroso Sangre Y Trabajadero sherry - 1 bottle of Single Barrel Palo Cortado Lambik 2023 - blend 69 - 548 bottles For this Single Barrel Zenne Y Frontera, we bottles a three- and - and - a - half-year old lambik that has aged for a full year on a freshly emptied palo cortado barrel from Bodegas Fernandez-Gao. Located in the centre of Jerez... lees verder bij Catawiki
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