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€ 1100

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21 mei, 22:01

Parker 95, Robinson 17.5, RVF 19, G&M 18.5 Bottle from the personal cellar of wine critic Michel Bettane, ideal wine cellar conditions. Vintage 1999 disgorged in 2009; The most representative champagne of the style of this globally renowned winemaker, thanks to its intensity, complexity and perfectly mastered oxidative notes. In the vines, Jacques Sélosse encourages root growth, ensuring they draw out the well-concealed chalky, mineral notes of their terroir. A decision has also been made to dose this wine very lightly; a wine which, upon tasting, is seductively refined, with delicate bubbles and subtle aromas. The extended maturation period lends it additional complexity and beautiful, slightly oxidised notes. 2-3cm fill level, light stains on label, perfect capsule condition.
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