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€ 47

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18 mei, 22:02

Very nice old bottles in original condition. See pictures for the exact status of labels, levels and capsules. One bottle base neck fill level One bottle mid shoulder fill level Please consider before placing your bids:

 These are old bottles of wine. We're very careful about the correct preservation of the bottles we sell. Please consider before placing your bids that after many decades there are other aspects (like the particular quality of each cork) which cannot be predicted. We try to show the exact conditions of the bottles in the photos and in the description but the peculiar conditions of sale of these bottles on auction is "liked as seen" The labels will be sealed to provide damage during transport. Dutch bottling 'C.S. Lechner J.zn, Schiedam' No shipment of alcoholic beverages to Canada, USA, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Gibraltar, Guernesy, Jersey because of custom regulations. Buyer is responsible for all further costs due to custom regulations. Also when goods are rejected or returned. BREXIT: Shipments to the UK may be delayed due to slow Customs clearance. You can also be charged UK import duties.
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